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Vocalists wanted in Leeds

Vocalists wanted in Leeds


 Vocalists wanted in Leeds

Vocalists are wanted in Leeds as auditions for Open Mic UK, the national music talent competition for vocalists and solo artists in the UK, begin this summer. Vocalists are wanted in Leeds as Open Mic UK, the competition that discovered Birdy and Hatty Keane, is searching for the UK’s best vocalists, singer/songwriters, rappers and vocalists. Leed....Read more.

Polish Club on A.K.A Pipeline: Gig on 11th January 2014

Polish Club on A.K.A Pipeline

Gig on 11th January 2014


Brilliant weekend of live music at Barnsley Rock and Blues... Saturday night was unreal with the brilliant Rakkiteers and young local support band A.K.A Pipeline, the capacity crowd were mental!

....Read more.








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