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B.M.S :: Barnsley Music Scene, is a site set up for one purpose. To help promote and produce live music in Barnsley . We at B.M.S intend to create a complete online resource of all things music related in our town. The site allows bands, artists, promoters, venues and studios alike to have their say. This site is for everyone and everyone can be involved. The more people involved the quicker the site grows and the more valuable it becomes.

Members Area
The members area has been created to help the site grow with content. It allows the people involved to add content and have it displayed immediately. This frees up time updating the site from us, allowing us to develop the site further with new features.

All you have to do is visit the members area fill in a simple registration form and your ready to go. Members will have limited access to start with, mainly allowing you to add your band details and any gig that you have. However if you wish to contribute further contact us and we can increase your level of access.

So please join up and help out, after all its free and as we all know the more exposure we get the better.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.








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